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VELXTECH, Refresh!

Innovative Atomizing technical solution provider.

Groundbreaking Atomizing Technology, Always Innovating

The new generation of atomizers will help extracts function better and help you win market share.

With the knowledge of ceramic heating elements, we have dived further into research and testing. Ceramic materials with millions of micron-sized or submicron pores are used as heating elements.
The beehive-shaped structure is fired at a very high temperature. The heating elements, the beehive shape ceramic coil, and the leakproof system, all contribute to the atomizing core of VELXTECH.

The Whole Package: Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Sales All In One


We have an independent R&D lab and own 16 patents. Our experts have had multiple years’ experience in the vaping industry.


We have two existing independent factories and employees with many years of experience in manufacturing atomizing appliances and accessories for the industry.


We are customer-oriented in the hope of catering to your need for research and development in atomizing products. The products, manufactured based on our R&D, are approved by the EU, U.S., and other countries. Furthermore, we have a well-rounded service system to assist our customers with after-sales service.

Custom-Made Solution

We offer you efficient yet personalized atomizing appliances(atomizer, accessories, etc.), which are compatible with your extracts, along with full safety assurance.
In addition, we offer you a variety of ODM products for your selection.