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VELX Prism Mod

By July 10, 2019April 6th, 2022No Comments

If you are looking for a superb battery mod designed specifically for you, then VELX technologies got you covered with the new VELX Prism Battery.

With vaping becoming more and more popular, getting an ideal vape device can be an overwhelming task, especially when more and more companies try to cash in this super-lucrative business.

As you probably already know, battery plays a vital role when it comes to the quality of a vaping session. It is therefore crucial that you ensure that you get the best battery there is in the market in terms of safety, durability, capacity as well as ease of use. This is where VELX Prism Mod comes in.

The VELX Mod comes with a 500mAh inbuilt battery which has been designed to support a maximum of 12W.

The mod, designed for CBD devices or tanks comes with three power outputs ensuring that you get a personalized experience. It is also smooth and compact, hence you don’t have to worry about storage space.


  • Tank pre-heat temperature: 122℉±40℉(50℃±5℃)
  • Size: 50 by 44.7 by 16.3mm
  • Resistance ranges from 1.1 to 1.4ohm
  • Output: 8-12W
  • Capacity: 500mAh built-in battery.
  • Patent pending dual action preheat function.

Features That Sets VELX Prism Mod Apart From Other Common Vape Mods

1. Dual Preheat Function

The dual preheat function is probably what makes this device stand out of the competition. We are the first company in the world to incorporate this feature in vape devices.

As you probably already know, cannabis oil is normally very thick.  This thickness is at times too much that when you try to vape, no oil seems to reach the heating chambers. This means very little or no vapor for you.

We realized that most people were being forced to warm their cartridges in warm water for the oil to work. This is not only inconvenient but also very dangerous, especially when you use too hot water. This is the reason why we decided to come up with the dual preheat feature.

This feature allows your vape device to heat your oil up-to about 50 degrees centigrade. This makes it easy for you to consume the oils without having to strain a lot since the oils are already viscous enough. You also don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the oils reach the heating chamber. Talk of convenience in vaping!

This feature also allows the battery to heat the coils and the tank separately, ensuring even distribution of heat in both the tank and the coil.

This ensures consistency in the whole vaping session.

2. Three adjustable power outputs

Nothing beats the ability to control your vaping session. The VELX Prism has three adjustable power outputs that allow you to control or regulate the power to vape at. By controlling these settings, you are able to enjoy different vape experiences depending on your taste.

3.  Safety Protection Features

There have been cases of battery mods exploding and even causing severe injuries to the users.

VELX Tech understands this, and that is why we have incorporated the following six safety features to ensure that our mod not only serves you for long but also that you are safe throughout the vaping session.

  • Short circuit protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Low voltage prompt
  • Childproof button
  • Timeout prompt
  • High resistance protection.

The above features have been crafted and designed by our highly-experienced engineers to ensure that you get the most out of your vaping device.

VELX yellow vapeAs you can see, our device has been designed with you-the user in mind. Our large-capacity battery means that you can use your vape device for an extended period on a single charge.

This is especially important if you need to take your device with you on a walk or even a hike. One of our clients takes his device to the mountains whenever going for a skiing session. Imagine being able to vape while skiing or hiking without having to worry about running out of charge!

The battery is also stable than most other batteries, hence ensuring consistency on both the amount and quality of the smoke.