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Over the last year, the cannabis industry has changed considerably, becoming much more accepted and experiencing unprecedented growth. With this growth comes a demand for higher-quality vaping devices that can offer superior taste and quality rather than just regular e-cigarette technology. This year has seen the leaders in the CBD vaping industry really take charge of R&D and production technologies, driving the creation of atomizers that are ideal for cannabis extracts, such as CBD concentrate and CBD vaping oil.

In 2019, CBD vapers are increasingly looking for high-performance and high-quality devices that are intended for use with thicker CBD oils. The trend so far this year has been a massive fall in popularity for the likes of Plastic Wick Cartridges, with the CBD vapers’ market becoming instead increasingly occupied by glass, metal, and in-line pipe cartridges. CBD cartridges are becoming more and more different from nicotine juice cartridges.

VELX products

VELX has a wide range of standard 510-thread CBD oil cartridges available for purchase, including

  • The VELX Cartridge GA-219 and GA-220 comes with a ceramic mouthpiece, screwed-in ceramic mouthpiece, and glass cartridge, along with the standard 510 thread.CBD Vaporizer
  • The VELX Cartridge GA-245 and GA-252 comes with a lead-free copper mouthpiece, press-in mouthpiece, and glass cartridge, along with the standard 510 thread.CBD Vaporizer

All cartridges feature a microporous ceramic coil capable of delivering a higher quality vapor with a purer taste that is also able to filter out any impurities, resulting in a safer and more hygienic experience.

Why you should use VELXTech vaporizer?

With vaping becoming ever more accepted and popular, more and more suppliers are coming into the industry with new cartridge refills that feature their own kind of extracts and oils. However, the production of vape cartridges that are able to keep their flavor without leaking is a more difficult endeavor. As a result, these companies tend to engage the services of professional vape cartridge suppliers in order to make sure their customers will be able to purchase the best available refills possible.

VELXTech and its sister company GeekVape are a major force in the vaping industry, with the latter being one of the big players in the market already, and the former on its way to becoming a highly respected CBD manufacturer. VELXTech has shaken up the market with its attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and an innovative approach.  CBD Vaporizer

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