Routine Atomizing Appliances

Our routine appliances are focused on extracts, which are approved by ROHS, FCC, and CE. We also provide you with a full range of services: research and development, design, manufacture, supply chain, after sale service, and technical support.

Customized Development Plan

We offer custom-made atomizer appliances based on individual extracts formulas in order to maximize the performance of your extracts and to enhance user experience during and after atomizing.

We create tailor-made solutions for clients based on their application scenarios. We customize our R&D and manufacturing to ensure product quality meets customer’s satisfaction.

Fundamental Technology Research

Modernization and upgrades: We put great effort into researching and developing the next generation of atomizing products.

Following the trends in the industry, we research materials, procedures, structures, electronics, and safety to find resolutions for technical problems and bring out the best and most novel techniques compatible for use with the different extracts available.


Our technology minimizes leakage and burnt will happen while the device is running properly.

Apart from providing a satisfying user experience, we also make sure that the atomizing product performs smoothly and safely.


Plantation Clients

We developed specialized appliances and accessories for clients in the plantation, targeting end users according to the specific features of plant extracts.


We develop compatible atomizing appliances and assemble compartments based on our client’s requirements. Meanwhile, we work to satisfy the demand for cost control and assembling efficiency.

Atomizing Supplier for Medical Equipment

We use the highest standards in our production procedures in accordance with our healthcare industry clients’ requirements. Our workshop is qualified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001.


A new factory will be put into use in April 2019, and the workshop follows the standard of GMP (the Cleanroom Classification of 100,000). Manufacturing will obey the standards for medical equipment, ISO 13485, which is in the process of verification.

Moreover, we will set up biology labs specifically for tests on product-performance environments.

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