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VELXTECH is the supplier of an innovative atomizing technique designed to provide different formulas and types of enriched extracts. We’re a health-care and safety-oriented company that intends to provide our products and services to customers using the highest standards possible. We also welcome suggestions from our customers in order to develop product features and to fix any known flaws.

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Customized Services: Compatibility & Personalization

We can customize atomizers based on any particular type of extracts, including those composed of varied substances and provided by extracts manufacturers and franchisers. We also offer you custom-made solutions, depending on your particular need, to maximize the performance of extracts and to optimize your user experience.

Our Service

Research on Fundamental Techniques: Innovation, Research & Development

We research materials, procedures, structures, electronics, and safety and put a great deal of effort into researching and developing the next generation of atomizers according to trends in the industry. Novel techniques and equipment, compatible for use with the different extracts available, will be made to further enhance our products’ competitiveness.


A Glance at Our Company

Research & Development

We are atomizer-centered and support research and development in the technology of batteries, electronics, environment, and Product Industry Design.


We research, develop, design, and manufacture atomizing appliances and accessories.


We are customer-oriented, with a strong awareness of customer demand for certain product features, in the hope of catering to your need for the right atomizing products.

Our History


A new factory of over 300,000 square feet will be put into use in April 2019 and follows the highest standards of safety and sanitation. Manufacturing follows the standards for medical equipment, ISO 13485.


The indie brand VELXTECH focuses on solving a problem with atomizing. VELXTECH supports research and development in the technology of batteries, electronics, environment, and Product Industry Design. We are customer-oriented in the hope of catering to your need for atomizing products.


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