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As you have probably heard, vaping has proved to be an effective and safer option of consuming marijuana as compared to traditional smoking techniques.

What you may not know however is that the effectiveness and safety of a vape device is relative and will depend on a number of factors such as how you use it and more importantly, the type and nature of the device. What you should know is that vaporizers are not the same. You should, therefore, understand your preference as well as what you are looking to achieve by vaping.

Our VELX MIMO Concentrate Vaporizer has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of every vaper. The device, which is compact and ergonomically designed, comes with a 1100mAh in-built battery. This battery capacity is quite large compared to the small size of the vaporizer. This ensures that you can vape for an extended period without having to recharge your gadget.

If you would love to keep your vaping under ‘wraps,’ then our MIMO KIT Portable Vaporizer has been designed specifically for you. Weighing very little and with a physical dimension of 93.7 by 45.8 by 21.0mm, it is very easy to carry this device along with or use it on the go. This means that you can easily enjoy your favorite marijuana strain or medicate while in the office or public places. That is the beauty of vaping, right?


  • Physical dimensions: 93.7 by 45.8 by 21.0mm
  • Constant power output: 20W
  • Shell material: ABS + Zinc alloy
  • Battery capacity: 1100mAh
  • Operating temperature range: -20~85°C
  • Resistance range: 0.3~2Ω
  • Coil material: Ceramic
  • Rated voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output method: Full power output
  • Tank resistance: 0.8±0.1Ω

Unique Features That Make the VELX MIMO KIT So Popular

Apart from the above-named features, our MIMO KIT also boasts of other unique features that users find very useful;

1. Three-layers ceramic heating system– Comes with a 3-layer ceramic heating system for high potency atomization performance;

  1. Outer glazed ceramic part- For highly effective heat transfer.
  2. Bottom ceramic cup- Provides safe insulation.
  3. Uniquely designed honeycomb ceramic coil for an extraordinary vaping experience.

2. Highest grade material – Finely designed and crafted by our highly skilled and experienced engineers for your satisfaction.

3. Built-in silicon jar and Built-in dab tool container – In case you need to store dab. All these work together to bring convenience to the next level.

4. Easy to use – You don’t need to be an experienced vaper to use this device. Our MIMO KIT has a very simple design that even complete newbies can find their way around it.

5. Magnetic connection – For ease of use.

6. Battery indicator – Unlike most other vaporizers that just runs out of charge without warning, this device comes with different light indicators to indicate the different charge levels;

YELLOW 30-70%

7. Safety protection features – Short circuit protection, low voltage prompt, temperature protection, high resistance protection, childproof button, and timeout prompt.

Also included in the package is a well-detailed user manual to ensure that you understand all the features as well as how they operate.