Where To Buy


Where can I purchase a VELXTECH product?

For white label or OEM/ODM inquiries, please contact us or our US distributor.

For individual purchase, please click here or here.

For bulk purchase, please click here.

How much does a VELXTECH product cost?

For pricing inquiries, please contact us at sales@velxtech.com

What are the VELXTECH warranty and return policy?

Return policy on Velxtech cartridges and batteries depends on the retail location that you purchased from. Please contact the retailer where your device or cartridge was purchased, and provide your original purchase receipt.

Will my vape pen leak at a higher altitude?

The cartridges may leak when transited from a lower altitude to a higher altitude. The probability of leakage depends on how full the cartridge is, how severe the altitude change is, and how rapid the altitude change is.
To prevent leakage, please store the cartridge with the mouthpiece pointing downwards during large altitude changes or air traveling.

Can I take my VELXTECH vaporizer and cartridges on an airplane?

You could take the empty cartridge on an airplane. However, if the oil has been filled, please check the air transportation policy from your country and travel at your own risk.

Can I vape VELXTECH products anywhere?

Please check your country’s policies before you vape.

Which country does Velxtech supply to?

We particularly sell to the United States and Canada at the current stage.

Is it safe to use VELXTECH batteries?

Each of our batteries includes 6 safety protections: Child Proof Button, over-heat production, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, 10s overtime protection, and low power protection. Each of these protections is implemented for safety and prevention.

Is it safe to use VELXTECH cartridges?

We carefully conduct the quality control, starting from R&D, supply chain to manufacturing process. Besides, we put an emphasis on material safety and only the manufactures with MSDS certifications can be considered as a qualified Velxtech supplier. Also, our cartridges passed the CA heavy metal test as shown on the link.

Are VELXTECH cartridges reusable?

For the kind consideration of our end-users’ safety and hygiene, our cartridges are designed for disposable use only.


What is the Prism?

Prism is the patented battery for 510 cartridges, colorful, discreet and equipped with innovative dual pre-heat function and variable power output. Learn more

How to operate Prism?

  • Screw in the magnetic connector on a cartridge, before inserting the cartridge into Prism.
  • Turn ON/OFF: Press the FIRE button 5 times in quick succession within 2s.
  • To use: Hold the FIRE button while using.

How to adjust voltage?

When the Prism is ON, press the FIRE button 3 times in quick succession to cycle through the 3 different outputs.




How to use the pre-heat function of Prism?

60s Tank pre-heat:

When the Prism is ON, press the FIRE button 4 times in quick succession within 2s.

The breathing yellow light indicates the tank pre-heat function is on; It could last 60s±6s. If there is no operation after 60±6S, this function will turn off.

2s Coil pre-heat:

Press the FIRE button 2 times in quick succession within 2s.

The light will flash 2 times in its current output power color, indicating the coil pre-heat is on.

What are the safety protections?

  • Child proof button
  • Open circuit protection
  • Over-heat protection
  • 10s over time protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low power protection
  • No load protection

My Prism is not producing vapor, what should I do?

  1. Connect Prism to an active USB port to make sure the battery is charged.
  2. Re-add cartridge to ensure positive connection.
  3. Remove cartridge if installed, then use a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean the contact points on the bottom of the cartridge and the top of the Prism. (But please make sure the contact points are dry before re-adding cartridge).


If your product is within the warranty period and is not working properly, please take the receipt and return the Prism to the retailer where you purchased it.

How long will Prism batteries last?

300+ charge/discharge cycles can meet the demands for a year.

How should I clean my Prism?

  1. If installed, separate the cartridge from the Prism first.
  2. Use a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean the contact points located on the bottom of the cartridge and the top of the Prism. This will remove oil or debris that may affect the connection between the cartridge and the Prism.


  • Make sure the contact points are dry before re-adding cartridge to the Prism.
  • Avoid dropping the Prism.
  • Avoid exposure to moisture.
  • Do not attempt to repair or modify the Prism.

Can I use others USB cables?

USB Charge should be 5V/1A.

What do the Prism LED lights indicate?

Indicator Reason Solution
The red-light flashes 8 times Resistance too low / too high Check cartridge
The white light flashes 5 times Disconnected Check cartridge
The red-light flashes 6 times Inhale over 10s Take a break
The red-light flashes 5 times Temperature above 60℃ Prism will temporarily stop output to cool down

Which type of oil is compatible with Prism?

Our Prism with dual pre-heat functions and 3 different outputs is compatible with different viscosity oil.

How can I know the battery status?

The light color indicates the battery status when switching ON/OFF

  • Green: 70%-100% power left
  • Yellow: 30%-70% power left
  • Red: 5%-30% power left
  • Red blinks 10 times means 0%-5% power left and the Prism will be stopped

Which type of cartridge is compatible with the Prism battery?

Suggested cartridge resistance: 1.1-1.4Ω;

Cartridge diameter: φ≤11.0 mm;

Standard 510 thread connector;

It is recommended to work with VELX cartridges to reach the best performance.

How to charge Prism?

  • Insert micro-USB connector into the charging port at the side of the Prism. To begin charging, insert the USB connector into an active USB port or adapter.
  • When the battery is charging, the light on the Prism will be flashing red, when it reaches a full charge, the light on the Prism will be Green.
  • Charge your Prism after use to ensure the best experience.

What temperature could the tank preheat function reach?

Our unique tank preheat function could reach to 50℃±5℃.

How does the 10s over time protection works?

After 10s of constant inhalation, the Prism will shut off automatically for your safety considerations.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.