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With CBD making such a huge splash in recent months, it’s no wonder that consumers (and authorities) are taking a big interest in the quality of CBD products on the market. One particular issue seems to be of special interest to all who vape CBD – the contents of heavy metals in CBD oils.

This Leafly post from January 2019 highlights the CBD heavy metal issue, stating that CBD vape cartomizers from dispensaries in California have been failing their lead tests recently. Whether the issue is related to the materials used in the production of the cartomizers, or if the CBD oil itself has been contaminated before it was put into the vapes is difficult to say. What we can say is that – regardless of the reason – finding heavy metal traces in CBD oil is a cause for alarm.

As someone with a vested interest in the CBD industry, it’s natural that you’re concerned about this turn of events. You want to make sure that you’re working with products that are effective and efficient but, more than anything, products that you can sell in clear conscience.

Here at Velxtech, we share that same interest when it comes to providing you with high-quality, safe CBD products that are not contaminated with heavy metals!

That’s why we wanted to take time to write this short post explaining the connection between CBD oils and heavy metals, and why you need to make sure that you partner with a reputable manufacturer like VELX. We take CBD oils (and CBD heavy metal testing) seriously, and we’re always ready to produce recent and valid test results to prove that.

What You Need To Know About Heavy Metals In CBD Oil

The heavy metals that interest us when we talk about CBD oil are the big four – mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. They have a very adverse health effect on humans, which is why they are in a group called the ‘toxic heavy metals’. Typical symptoms of poisoning with any of them are:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea

Metal-specific symptoms are also present. Lead poisoning, for example, can cause sleep problems, irritability, and aggressive behavior. Mercury poisoning is characterized by nerve damage in hands and face, loss of coordination, and muscle weakness. Arsenic and cadmium will both cause muscle pain and spasms. The full list of metal-specific symptoms can be found in this article on Healthline.

How Can Heavy Metals End Up In CBD Oil?

There are two scenarios in which heavy metals can end up in CBD oils:

  1. A manufacturer can use them in the manufacture of the gear – if a manufacturer is using any of these metals (particularly lead) to reinforce the casing of a cartomizer in order to reduce manufacturing costs, there’s a chance for cross-contamination.
  2. The hemp plant from which the CBD was sourced can be contaminated – hemp is a very powerful phyto-remediant. This means that it’s uncommonly effective when it comes to removing pollutants from the soil and trapping them inside the stem and the leaves. If the hemp was grown in soil that was saturated with lead, mercury, arsenic, or cadmium, the CBD extracted from it will show it.
Using lead in the manufacture of vape gear is not all that common, although it still does happen. A much bigger concern in the context of CBD and heavy metals is the use of contaminated hemp in the production of the oil. Some variants of hemp are so efficient at pollutant extraction that they are used in the ongoing efforts to clean up the soil in Chernobyl’s exclusion zone, where radioactive particles (such as Caesium-137) are still widely present.
Caption: “Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find,” said Slavik Dushenkov, a research scientist with PHYTOTECH.

Unfortunately, a lot of CBD oil manufacturers do not closely examine their supply chain. This means that they end up buying CBD oil that was made from hemp grown in contaminated soil. Deliberately or not, they then sell their product to end consumers, damaging not only their health but also the trust they’ve put into this medicinal substance (and the budding CBD industry).

At Velxtech, we are working hard to make sure that none of these four heavy metals are detectable in our CBD oil, or in any of our other products. We invest heavily in our manufacturing processes to ensure that, and regularly send our products to be tested at third-party facilities.

Velxtech’s Third-Party Lab Report On Heavy Metals

Although certain levels of all these metals are permissible in consumer products, we strive to keep them at a zero. We have invested a lot into our supply chain, and work only with suppliers who can prove no heavy metals contamination in their raw materials. Additionally, we source our hemp from farmers who can provide third-party lab reports showing no traces of lead, cadmium, arsenic, or mercury in their product.

To make sure that we’re checking all the boxes, we have partnered with SCLabs – a third-party lab certified and accredited worldwide as a leader in heavy metal testing. You can access our most recent reports here (Report 1 Brass Glass Cartridge, Report 2 Resin Cartridge, Report 3 Pods):












(Report 1,2,3)

As you can see, none of our products contain any traces of mercury, arsenic, or cadmium. The designation ND stands for “not detectable”, and means the level of these heavy metals in our CBD products is so low that it constitutes no danger for people whatsoever.

Our results for lead are also admirable – it’s not detectable in one of our products, and well below the limit of quantification (<LOQ) in the other two. A <LOQ designation means that the level detected was so minimal that it can’t be safely claimed that the product tested is actually contaminated – it could very well be a glitch in the system or cross-contamination at the site of testing.

Those are the testing results you should be after when looking in to CBD’s heavy metal content. In other words, the levels should be so minimal that they can hardly be detected by state of the art testing processes!

Order Velxtech & Work With Heavy Metal-Free CBD Oil

If you’re concerned about heavy metals infiltrating the CBD industry and potentially ruining a market that currently has a very bright future, we invite you to work with Velxtech!

We’re determined to keep providing safe CBD vaporizing solutions to all our customers. In addition to that, we are committed to researching new manufacturing materials, improving our current processes, and working closely with our clients to meet the demands of their market.Place a sample order with Velxtech today and find out why we are earmarked to become one of the leading CBD vaporizer manufacturers in the world!

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