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Traditional atomizing methods for cannabis concentrates include a potentially dangerous blowtorch, which some people may not feel comfortable using. Vaping concentrates have been gaining popularity with recreational cannabis users over recent years. Vaping is all about turning concentrates into vapor by using heat while avoiding combustion. That is one of the most important reasons it is considered safer. The following is a list of the three most user-friendly concentrates vaporizers you can buy.  These products have been selected for their build quality, design, reliability, and performance.

Concentrate Vaporizer

  • Why We Chose VELX as the Best Concentrate Vaporizer

MIMO KIT is one of the most innovative products in VELX’s line of concentrate vaporizers. It is easy to use, convenient, and very effective at getting the most out of your cannabis concentrates. An extremely portable concentrate vaporizer, VELX’s MIMO KIT has become well-known in the industry. In addition to the R&D focus and excellent global reputation of GEEKVAPE (the mother company of VELX), the main reason for VELX’s wide acclaim comes down to the impeccable all-in-one design and user-friendly performance of the MIMO KIT. The portability of this device comes from its creative and functional design:

  1.  All-in-One: VELX’s MIMO KIT consists of an 1100mAh built-in battery and a ceramic atomizer. This is a great vaporizer for beginners because they do not need to customize any controls.   Just load the wax in the atomizer, the metal lid and glass cap connect magnetically to the wax atomizer, and then you can press the button.
  2.  Portable and fashionable design: The MIMO KIT offers a very comfortable grip: your fingers rest in the ergonomic rubber grooves of the pen. With the simple black design, VELX’s   MIMO KIT looks elegant, while a glass mouthpiece and a strong battery life round out a package that is perfect for extract connoisseurs.
  3.  Atomization performance: VELX’s MIMO KIT features a ceramic atomizer that can produce outstanding vapor. With its three-layer ceramic heating structure, VELX’s MIMO KIT   ensures high potency atomization performance.
  4.  Strong battery life: VELX’s MIMO KIT has a strong and long battery life because of its 1100 mAh built-in battery that can be charged over a USB. This battery capacity is quite large   compared to the small size of the vaporizer, which ensures that you can vape for an extended period without having to recharge your gadget.

Velx Concentrate Vaporizer

In addition, the flavors of the concentrates are much purer and the cloud volume is greater. With all these new advances, the concentrate vaporizer from VELX seems poised to go mainstream.

  • Have Your KandyPen Elite and Eat It Too

When looking for a traditional pen, the KandyPen Elite is the best. There are always a lot of complaints about the battery life of a vape pen, which is not an issue for this pen: when fully charged it can last up to a full day. Even better than the battery life, though, is that the four-level heating options are built into the system. Excuse us while we have some fun with this.

The different heating options make the hits so much better than with a traditional, which is something we always look for.

  • Dabber Aurora Is Best for Beginners (or for Cannabis)

One of the things we searched for was the best concentrate vaporizer for beginners and the best hemp concentrate vaporizer. We found both in the Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer. As with the VELX Concentrate Vaporizer, it is magnetic and actually comes with a magnetic desk charger! There is no worry about having to unscrew it to recharge the pen.

CannabisAfter looking long and hard, we found that these are the best ones right now. What concentrate vaporizers do you use? Come in and tell us what you think, and check out our selection while you’re here.
Also, you get three atomizers, a dab tool, and a silicone container, meaning that there are no worries about storage. Everything you need comes in the reasonably priced kit. We think this is the best option for those who haven’t dabbed much or are looking to try cannabis in their vaporizer.