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Word on CBD and its health benefits has spread far and wide. It is therefore not surprising that tons and tons of people and entrepreneurs are trying to cash in this super-lucrative business. Just a few years ago, very few people knew what the acronym CBD stood for, let alone understand that it could help them with their various health conditions. However, this narration has changed, and it seems that everyone is talking about CBD. With the signing of the 2018 hemp bill into law late last year by President Trump, the cannabis sector has become the next big thing.

Although CBD legalization has been witnessed more in the last few months than ever before, more government policies are being put up every day to tame this otherwise, very unregulated sector. Suddenly, there is more emphasis on the quality of CBD oil being sold to consumers, and for a good reason; With the legalization of CBD oil, more and more products are finding themselves in the market. Yes, this is a good thing since now it means that you have more options to choose from. However, this also has its flip side.


CBD is a relatively new sector, and this means that very few regulation measures have been put into place to monitor its growth, processing, and usage. Because of this, very low-quality CBD products with potentially severe side effects have found their way into the market. If this trend continues unchecked or un-regulated, consumers will continue to blindly purchase low and harmful CBD products.

Fortunately, governments and some private entities have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the consumers get the right CBD products.

Here at VELXTECH, we don’t produce CBD oil, yes, but we are an interested party since it is our dream and goal to ensure that people continue enjoying the benefits of cannabis without exposing their lives and health to avoidable and very un-necessary risks. Although we produce very high-quality vape devices, we understand that this is not enough as for our consumers to enjoy full benefits, they also need to have high-quality CBD oil.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we are on the forefront in the fight for high-quality CBD products that will be beneficial to everyone.

In this post, we will share with you some of the tips that you should employ when looking for CBD products. We hope this will at least help you make an informed decision and lower your risks of falling into the hands of fake, unlicensed and unskilled traders who are out there to make a quick buck. These people neither care about your hard-earned money, your health, or well-being. To them, it is all about money (sadly)

Tips to Consider When Looking For CBD Products

   1. 3rd Party Lab Results

The 1st thing you want to consider is whether the CBD products have been tested by 3rd party independent labs.

Being tested, however, is not enough. The CBD vendor should be able and willing to produce the results whenever required to do so. Some of the best CBD vendors actually place these results on their sites so that anyone can access them easily. It this high-level of transparency that sets CBD vendors apart.

   2. What Ingredients Are In the Products?

It is crucial that you understand precisely what you are consuming. What are the ingredients in the product?

A genuine firm should be willing to list all the ingredients in a product. If that is not the case, then you may want to reconsider your decision of dealing with such a dealer. When it comes to ingredients, there are several things to consider; Does the product use all-natural and organic ingredients, or does it contain some premium ingredients to boost its flavor and efficiency? Some of these premium ingredients include Vitamin B12 for pain and Melatonin for sleep.

   3. Sourcing and Growth of the Hemp

The next thing you want to consider is where and how the hemp was grown.

Some of the best CBD producers maintain a very close relationship with the hemp suppliers. This ensures that they are able to monitor the growth of the hemp plants. Some of them even grow their own plants! With such vendors, you can be assured of getting high-quality CBD products. However, there is another breed of vendors that are only concerned with getting the cheapest hemp in the market. They don’t care how the plant was grown or the chemicals used during growth. These are people to be wary of.

   4. Type of CBD Being Used In The Product

Three types of CBD exist: Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolate.

It is vital that you understand these types of CBD and the effect they have on our bodies.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD– Refers to CBD extracted from the hemp along with all the other chemical compounds or cannabinoids that were in the plant.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD- Can be described as a mix between both Full-spectrum and CBD isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD basically refers to the full-spectrum CBD, only that it does not contain THC.
  • CBD Isolate– Refers to CBD extracted from the hemp and then isolated from all the other chemical compounds. It is, therefore, about 99% CBD extract.

   5. Other Factors

Depending on the legality of CBD products in your area and the use, you may decide to use one of the above CBD extracts. Other factors to consider include the amount of CBD in each dosage, the reputation of the brand as well as the extraction method. It is also essential that you consider the amount of THC in the CBD products. This is because, although CBD is legal in many states and countries, THC is still illegal.

There you have it; factors to consider when looking for high-quality CBD oil.

Although there are many ways of consuming CBD oil, vaping has remained the most preferred and most efficient option. Now that you have known ways to get high-quality CBD oil, it is time you got yourself the best vape device as well. These things work hand in hand, and there is no way one can work well in the absence of the other.