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The cannabis industry went through a bumpy year in 2019. At the very beginning of the year, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (CBCC) set mandatory regulations for heavy metal test for all cannabis and cannabis products. In September, the outburst of the vaping crisis shocked the whole industry, and it quickly reminded every industry player that education is still in a deep thirst.


As one of the biggest vaping hardware manufacturers in Shenzhen, VELXTECH enjoys a rich heritage from Geekvape, which is widely known for its top-level RDAs and groundbreaking RTAs in the DIY vaping category. When we talk about manufacturing, we are talking about a fully certified assembly center, four self-owned supply branches, an experience supplier management system and a professional procurement development team, and more.


Today, as safety remains the biggest concern in the vaping industry, we felt obliged to provide some disclosure of our manufacturing process to calm nerves of the market and to provide education to those who are interested in this industry. However, manufacturing a safe, innovative, and outstanding product is nothing easier than giving birth to a child. To make things easier to understand, we divided the whole manufacturing process into three stages, before manufacturing, in process, and after manufacturing.




Every component matter when it comes to a safe product. IQC (Incoming Quality Control) team needs to measure, monitor, identify, and record the quantity, appearance, size, and function of all the incoming materials. In addition to that, MSDS (material safety data sheet) or testing reports are required to make sure all the raw materials, especially the food contact and heating materials are safe for human use during the atomizing process.


In Process

Only when the incoming materials passed the first quality control process can they sent to the assembly line for manufacturing. The quality control department will publish a standard operation paper before the manufacturing line starts to move. IPQC, known as Input Process Quality Control, is responsible for checking the quality during the whole manufacturing process.



FQC, the final quality control process, is responsible for the quality of the outcoming products. Once any failures are detected, our dedicated professionals will examine potential causes from three angles, either the incoming materials, assembly process, or the equipment and software flaws.



Once the products meet all the quality standards, IPQC will perform a second check before placing the SN code, barcode, and tags on each product.


Before the final delivery, again, the OQC (outgoing quality control) team will cross-check with your orders in terms of model type, color, quantity, and order numbers, making sure all the orders are accurate and complete.


Other Facts

The manufacturing center of Geekvape and VELXTECH occupies over 300,000 square feet of factories and 22,000 square feet of laboratories. We have also integrated four supply chain centers, from intelligent equipment development, plastic mold processing, metal surface treatment, hardware machining to assembling.


As to certifications, we follow the ISO9001and ISO14001 management system, along with current good manufacturing practice (GMP) based on FDA administration.


If you’d like to learn more about VELXTECH, watch a video of our factory here. You are welcome to contact us anytime. VELXTECH is committed to research new manufacturing materials, improve our processes, and continuously provide safe and innovative oil vaporizing solutions to all our customers.


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